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Blossom Gate – Xiangyiang, China

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Front View  Interior Structure  Concept Precedent

Building: Blossom Gate
Location: Xiangyiang, China
Completion: Expected Completion in 2013
Design Team: Prechteck (now penda designhouse)

AE Interest: This entrance to China’s largest myrtle garden serves as an entrance and a gathering space. The influence for the form comes from Chinese calligraphy which can be seen in the massive arches that are meant to look like the the trailing strokes of a calligraphy brush. The structure is to be composed of large bamboo space frames covered in long, single, bamboo poles. In order to mimic the trailing ends of a brush stroke the poles will be spaced-out at the intersection of the frames on each side.


Written by Thanos Metaxas

September 9, 2014 at 4:29 pm

Posted in Proposed Design

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